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November 30, 2018

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Roof Gutters – Maintaining the Flow

April 25, 2018

Is it time to spring clean your eavestroughing system? Easy answer: Yes!


A good rule of thumb is to regularly check and maintain the gutters on your home in spring and fall. Clearing debris that builds up such as leaves, dirt and even birds’ nests, can improve the function of the gutters and potentially extend their lifespan. This also provides opportunity to check for rust, holes, loose fasteners or other indications that the gutters need repair or perhaps replacement. 


Eavestroughing plays an important role in directing water away from the walls, siding and foundation of your home. The minimal cost of maintaining this system is a very smart investment compared to dealing with a leaking basement, cracked foundation or erosion of the soil around the house. 


One problem we frequently see is a build-up caused by multiple or poor repairs. If the gutter is blocked, overflowing or leaking because of too many repairs, here is what might be done:

  1. Remove all loose debris

  2. Remove all the old caulking: a trowel or small spade could be used

  3. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of old caulking and let the area dry

  4. Apply a thin coat of liquid flashing* with a small paint brush ensuring all area is covered

*we prefer this over silicone even though it is more expensive – it’s worth it

If you think you can do this safely, go for it! But do remember safety glasses, good gloves, use the ladder properly and don’t be a hero – call the professionals for that.

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