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November 30, 2018

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Leaking Exhaust Vents

April 13, 2017


Every now and then you may notice a small puddle of water below the exhaust vent in the bathroom. Before you blame the kids for not mopping up their spills, take a second to note the outside temperature.


Chances are it has recently been very cold out and the puddle may be caused by water vapour (steam from baths or showers) condensing or freezing and then melting in the venting. When the temperature rises the moisture drips backs down through the vent and may leave drops clinging to the fan or puddling on the floor below.


While we can’t control the weather, we can take steps to reduce the humidity levels in our homes to help prevent condensation in the venting:


  • the bathroom fan should be turned on during every bath or shower AND kept running for 20 - 30 minutes following each bath or shower 

  • range hood fans should should be turned on to vent out all the airborne moisture created while cooking

  • ensure all the fans in your home are in good working order; clean fan housing and replace range hood filters regularly

  • rather than hanging laundry to dry in the house, hang it outside or use an electric/gas dryer

  • some people even open a window now and then:)

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